Sports Massage

Particularly beneficial to stiff necks, backs and shoulders, sports massage is a process on intermuscular massage and stimulation which helps to increase blood flow and break down tough scar tissue and adhesions to remove painful and troublesome knots. This helps injured muscles and limbs recover and enables you to return to full function as quickly as possible., This treatment will enable you to return to full function and mobility as quickly as possible. 

What Is Sports Massage? 

Sports Massage is the manipulation and stretching of muscle and connective tissues for the purpose of enhancing functions of the body, such as movement and performance.  Total Body's therapists are highly trained in intramuscular massage and stimulation to help increase blood flow and break down adhesions to reduce pain & help injured muscles and limbs return to full function as quickly as possible

Why might you need a massage? 

All of us at some point have felt, soreness, strain, bruising, tightness, pain or weakness in a muscle. This is a sign that the muscle is congested. When a muscle is congested it is not functioning at its full potential and will hold you back in carrying out a specific task be it an athletic performance or a day to day activity. 

Who can benefit from sports massage? 

Although we are called Sports Massage Therapists we also treat anyone who is experiencing everyday levels of strain and stress those who participate in recreational sports and exercise will benefit from treatment as well as sporting athletes. Deep tissue remedial massage is for everybody!

Sports Massage
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Sports Massage
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