Becki Davies : overcoming fear of the unknown to loving her new lifestyle!

The thought of the gym and doing any form of physical exercise has always terrified me, partly because of the fear of failing and partly because I’d have no idea what I was doing. So when the biggest looser challenge came around it took a lot to convince myself to take part, but that very first weigh in was the wakeup call I needed. Seeing that I had piled on the pounds without even realising meant that I didn’t just need to take part in this challenge for a bit of fun, I needed to do it to give myself a whole lifestyle change.

I needed a lot of guidance and that’s where Simon, the whole of the gym team and my weight loss buddy Kelly came in. Without them I would never have been capable of sticking to it for 8 weeks and loosing 10kg through sweat and sheer determination.

Having someone alongside you through the painful and frustrating journey of losing weight makes the whole process a hell of a lot easier and 100 times more fun. The dreaded spin became something I enjoyed doing because I had someone to enjoy it with, it becomes a social thing rather than a hard chore you’d rather avoid. I can safely say that my successes wouldn’t have happened if I did it alone. You need guidance and even gentle pushing sometimes to achieve your goals and that’s where Simon helped in bucket loads, and knowing he was doing it to Kelly too helped (I wasn’t suffering alone!)

10 weeks in to my weight loss journey and I’m now a 1lb off my target weight that I set out on that first day. I can’t say it’s all down to me as without those important people id of never made it past the first day. It’s not just my weight that’s changed it’s my whole outlook and perception on the gym and healthy living and that’s the biggest hurdle to overcome. Once you have someone to give you the knowledge and confidence you need you're on to a winner.

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