Emma Attwood : from Back Pain, through healthy pregnancy & on to new found Fitness!

My Total Body journey began in August 2016 when I made an appointment a to see Simon to talk to him about the issues I was having with my back. I got to the point where I was walking my dogs one day and my back was aching so much that it was quite painful to walk and stand up straight. I decided enough was enough and I needed to get this sorted once and for all!

Simon carried out an initial assessment to look at the alignment of my joints and bones. The results concluded a skeletal misalignment and a course of sessions with Osteopath Paula was recommended.

Paula used a variety of techniques and showed me some exercises to help me get better.

I’ve always felt that I’ve had a weak back so on completing my final session with Paula who was happy with the progress that had been made with my alignment issues, I then booked a course of weekly personal training sessions with Simon with the primary focus of strengthening my back and core.

I remember my first session with Simon! It was hard from the perspective that sit ups on the Swiss ball and push ups on the mushroom {does it have a proper name??}were difficult to say the least! 

Of course strength training is one thing and improving my back was my primary focus, but I noticed I was getting fitter as the weeks went on. I was building up my time and intensity on the cross-trainer and from a walk/jog/run lasting 10 minutes on the treadmill to eventually hitting 25 minutes running time fairly comfortably. 

Running around the golf course in the summer months was a nice change and attending a couple of spin classes throughout the week helped build my fitness further - and added a bit of variety to training in the gym! 

The strength training together with the cardio training and regular sports massage has helped relieve me of monotonous back ache. I am also much fitter than I used to be and I managed to lose a few pounds and inches along the way too.

Simon has kept me motivated throughout to keep up the training even on the busiest of weeks at work. 

Recently my Total Body journey took a different route and Simon turned his hand to training me throughout my pregnancy. I’ve said to him on many occasions that if I hadn’t have got on top of my back issues before I became pregnant I am sure that I would’ve otherwise been in a whole world of pain.

Whilst I’ve been on ‘light duties’ in the gym, I’m still keeping up strength training and fitness under Simon’s guidance. My back has been great all things considered - keeping up the regular sports massage definitely helps to relieve tense muscles. I didn’t really appreciate the benefits of sports massage before I joined TB but it’s been a key factor in my progress and throughout my pregnancy.

At 7 and a half months pregnant I never would’ve imagined I’d still be visiting the gym every week at least twice a week, but I’d say it’s been hugely beneficial in more ways than one - for myself...and baby!

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