Kelly Swindells : Discovered a love for fitness, amazing weight loss and masses of motivation!

January 2017 was the beginning of what I thought would be a terrifying, and pointless journey. Knowing how little my will power normally hangs around for, I thought I would only last a matter of a few days, not the whole 8 weeks.

After an in depth conversation with Simon, he handed me a meal plan, and explained to me, exactly what I should be doing per week.

His daily guidance, and confidence boosting kept me going, and pushed me into new classes, such as spin. Never in a million years, did I think I would have been enjoying spin, and now I try to do it at least 4 times a week, if not more.

With Simon’s dedication, my determination, and the help of the gym team, I lost 11.6kg. I now have the mind set to carry on, I have changed my eating habits, and love being in the gym. However I would not be in this position if it wasn’t for a very close friend of mine, Beki, pushing me as hard as she did. The 5.30am alarm calls weren’t so difficult when you knew your friend was relying on you to get out of bed.

Pushing each other in the gym, whether that’s on a treadmill, or learning how to use the weights properly is much easier to do when you have a friend by your side.

I would highly recommend Simon and his team, for anyone who wants to take this challenge on themselves. Having a fear of walking through those gym doors will soon fade once you meet the team behind them.

Seeing what I have achieved in these 8 weeks, has encouraged me to set a higher target, to which I want to reach by the summer!

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