Leanne Barrett : Post Natal weight loss and in fabulous shape for a beautiful wedding day!

I started training with Simon having put on two  stone when I was pregnant with my little girl. When I was able to start training again, I came back to the gym and got stuck in a rut where I was training up to 4 times per week but sticking to the same cardio routine. I lost half a stone on my own, but I just couldn't get beyond that. My body needed a shock and Simon provided me with a fairly easy to follow healthy eating plan combined with a new exercise regime. It was tough but I have surprised myself how strong I've become! I always thought that lifting heavy would make me bigger, but sure enough by exercising smarter & more regularly & using different techniques combined with restricting my food intake, I started to shrink. I have actually started to enjoy Simon's spin classes too! 
In the run up to my wedding I slowly lost over 10kg (1.5 stone) during the course of 6 months.
I reached my goal weight the week of the wedding & felt fantastic on my big day! Thanks to Simon and the total body team for giving me the motivation and not letting me give up as there was times where I could easily have done just that!

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