Mandy Belcher : Strength, balance & mobility improvements from targeted muscles exercises

I cannot speak highly enough of the Total Body Team – during a sports massage a couple of years ago, I mentioned to Simon Wheatcroft the problems I had with strength, balance and mobility in my left leg, following an accident I had some 30 years ago. He took an interest in this, and said that with exercises to target both my muscles and brain he felt that these problems could be eased. After a few weeks this proved to be absolutely correct I did indeed have more strength and mobility and better balance; in fact many of my golfing friends who could recognise me on the course by the way I walked have commented that I don’t limp anymore.

Stuart has recently had a total knee replacement. To prepare for this he too saw the Total Body Team and worked hard to get fit before the surgery, hopefully to aid recovery from it. The surgeon and physiotherapist have both commented that he has made much faster recovery than most total knee replacement patients, and have acknowledged that his fitness has undoubtedly contributed to this. He is now working with Total Body again and is delighted with the help they are providing to his recovery process.

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